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Airtex makes it easy to find the exact fuel pump you need. Simply enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), part number, year, make and model, or universal type and voltage; and the application search results will direct you to the correct fuel pump.

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BMW Fuel System Repair Essentials

The BMW N54 fuel pump recall a few years ago brought to light the importance of the integrity of the fuel system and how it can contribute to the overall reliability of a vehicle. While BMW never officially stated what was causing the high-pressure fuel pumps to fail, some put the blame on low-quality fuel that might have been contaminated or had higher-than-normal levels of ethanol.

TECHNICIAN: How to Use QR Codes

With just a scan, you can gain access to a wealth of fuel pump knowledge. Look for the black and white Quick Response codes printed on Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems packaging and print materials.

Technician Future Education and Success Tips -- What You Should Learn That No One Else Understands

Fuel systems and electrical have become some of the most complex components of vehicles. With the advent of electronic fuel injection (EFI), fuel delivery systems became exponentially more difficult to understand than their earlier counterparts: engines with carburetors. If you understand and can repair EFI, you have the ability to fix the most complex mechanical component of a vehicle's motor. That skill will make you invaluable in a garage.

Five Things Everyone In The Automotive Industry Should Know About Fuel Injectors

To the layperson fuel injectors are far from sexy, or likely even interesting for that matter. To those in the automotive industry, however, fuel injectors are as glamorous as a car part gets. With that said, not everyone is a genius and automatically knows everything there is to know about the fuel injector. For such reason, here are five things everyone in the auto industry should know about fuel injectors.

Diagnostic: What Excess Noise Means?

Is your fuel pump making extra noise these days? Excess noise may be an indication of excessive pump wear.

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