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Fuel injected engines use several sensors to determine the amount of fuel the engine needs to run properly. One of the sensors is a manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP sensor), which sends a signal containing the manifold’s pressure to the engine’s computer. The computer uses the information to calculate the engine’s air mass flow rate and to calculate air density.


Check related fuel system components such as fuel filter, relays, vehicle wiring and connectors, chassis grounds, fuel pressure regulator and fuel itself – contaminated fuel is a leading cause of fuel pump failure.  (Visit for information on diagnosing fuel delivery problems.) Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover units returned due to misdiagnosis, vehicle electrical issues, or contamination


Although OBD-II was designed mainly to detect emission faults, it has evolved to monitor many other processes as well, ranging from fuel trim to the evaporative system to the coolant thermostat. When OBD-II detects the same problem occurring in two separate drive cycles, it illuminates the "check engine" light to alert the driver and encourage a prompt fix. When it comes to fuel delivery system issues, OBD-II especially monitors the components and data carefully.

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Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel pumps, was recently awarded the NCMA President's Award for Catalog Excellence. The company has won the paper catalog category before, but this marks the first time in their 77-­-year history that they’ve won the Web Catalog -­- Gold Award for 2012-­-2013 for their online catalog,


Adapter harnesses are used to convert the wiring loom of a vehicle from one generation to another. Questions often arise as to why these adapters are necessary and what is the proper way to install them. In the majority of cases adapters are needed because there is an identified problem with the original harness, which over time causes bad connections. When they are replaced using the adapter harnesses, it prevents the problem from reoccurring. Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems always includes the necessary adapters with all of their products.

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