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Airtex makes it easy to find the exact fuel pump you need. Simply enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), part number, year, make and model, or universal type and voltage; and the application search results will direct you to the correct fuel pump.

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Technician Future Education and Success Tips -- What You Should Learn That No One Else Understands

Fuel systems and electrical have become some of the most complex components of vehicles. With the advent of electronic fuel injection (EFI), fuel delivery systems became exponentially more difficult to understand than their earlier counterparts: engines with carburetors. If you understand and can repair EFI, you have the ability to fix the most complex mechanical component of a vehicle's motor. That skill will make you invaluable in a garage.

How to Install Fuel Pump E2263S in 1999 Ford Ranger and 1998-1999 Mazda B4000 Cab Plus Pickup
  1. Before you begin, remove the negative battery cable and bleed the system using the pressure gauge relief valve, making sure to catch the fuel into a safe container.
TRAINING: All about the Fuel Pressure Regulator: Does It Need to be Replaced?

Those of us who have at least a fundamental knowledge of automotive repair know just how vital the fuel pressure regulator can be to the working order of a car. Despite the thought by some novice mechanics that it is overly complicated, the fuel delivery system is actually relatively simple. You pump the gas into the car, and then it is stored in the fuel tank before it makes its way to the engine. However, between being stored in the fuel tank and being transferred to the engine, the gas must first go through the fuel pressure regulator.

KNOWLEDGE. EXPERIENCE. New Airtex App Lets You Scan the VIN For Instant Information

iPhone users rejoice…no more punching in numbers. Airtex has introduced a new application compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads. Available to download for free on the App Store, the Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems VIN Scan App uses a mobile device’s camera to scan the vehicle identification number saving the user the time and trouble of punching in the multiple numbers.

When Minutes Matter

2,500,000 minutes. Sound like a lot of time? Well to us here at Airtex it is a lot … and it is also an amount of time of which we are very proud. Allow us to do the math. 2,500,000 minutes equals 41,666 hours or 4.75 years. It also equals the total amount of time technicians, counter persons, and do-it-yourselfers have spent watching Airtex Fuel TV videos on YouTube. Since launching Airtex Fuel TV, individuals across the nation have been eagerly downloading videos to pump up their knowledge of everything from cleaning the fuel tank to checking pressures to completing fuel pump replacements.