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Not Electric Cars, the Electric of Cars -- What Every Future Technician Should Know

A Vehicle's Electric, the Most Valuable Part

Since cars were first created, vehicle mechanics and maintenance have, until recently, remained more or less consistent. Being a mechanic meant working on the physical mechanics of an engine and car. In the last 10 years, however, vehicles have become complex machines that rely on computer chips and electrical wiring rather than simple mechanics. While the basic mechanics of a vehicle are largely unchanged, electric components of a vehicle, including electronic fuel injection, have become increasingly complicated.

TRAINING: Two-Line Fuel Systems

Two-line fuel systems are the most popular on the road today – but not understanding how these systems operate can lead to misdiagnosis.  Check out Airtex Fuel TV to watch an instructional video that will walk you through how a two-line fuel system works.



Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems Launches Fuel Pump U En Español

Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems, the world’s largest manufacturer of fuel pumps, has just launched the Spanish version of it’s award winning technical training website. This online resource, which offers real-time educational assistance, as well as current and in-depth information and fuel pump replacement support will now be available both in English and Spanish. Technicians can now visit the website for a myriad of technical resources and videos on diagnostic training and fuel delivery education in the language of their choice.

Checking Fuel Pressure Regulator

How do I know if the fuel pressure regulator is stuck open or leaking or if it is stuck closed? Engine with hard-start condition could be the result of a faulty fuel pressure regulator and not the fuel pump itself. Check for these signs while performing fuel pressure tests.

TRAINING: All about the Fuel Pressure Regulator: Does It Need to be Replaced?

Those of us who have at least a fundamental knowledge of automotive repair know just how vital the fuel pressure regulator can be to the working order of a car. Despite the thought by some novice mechanics that it is overly complicated, the fuel delivery system is actually relatively simple. You pump the gas into the car, and then it is stored in the fuel tank before it makes its way to the engine. However, between being stored in the fuel tank and being transferred to the engine, the gas must first go through the fuel pressure regulator.