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Airtex makes it easy to find the exact fuel pump you need. Simply enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), part number, year, make and model, or universal type and voltage; and the application search results will direct you to the correct fuel pump.

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When you’re cleaning the fuel tank, inspect and replace any vehicle wiring or hoses as needed.  Damaged or faulty vehicle wiring is a leading cause of misdiagnosis and premature fuel pump failure.


Misdiagnosis is the leading cause of fuel pump problems and returns. If the engine runs but displays drivability symptoms that you suspect are fuel-related, attempt to eliminate other possible causes by:

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The role of an automotive technician is becoming more computerized by the day. From fuel pump pressure to engine performance, nearly everything in a vehicle now runs through a centralized computer system. Computer interfaces are also increasingly being used to control vehicles and to run regular system maintenance checks. Vehicles today can self-stabilize, self-park, and even self-drive.


Airtex is known for our high-quality fuel pumps. We have been in the fuel pump manufacturing business for more than 75 years. From our home in Fairfield, Illinois, we bring you the best in replacement fuel pumps and other parts for your fuel system. Whether you need a standard fuel pump to keep your daily driver on the road, or you are looking for something to increase your car's performance at the track, we have what you need. Airtex is more than just replacement parts for your car or light truck.


The “Top 3” Most Produced Vehicles of All Time are:
#3 Volkswagen Golf, the successor of the VW Beetle keeps growing in sales with over 25 million in production since 1974.