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Airtex makes it easy to find the exact fuel pump you need. Simply enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), part number, year, make and model, or universal type and voltage; and the application search results will direct you to the correct fuel pump.

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One of the main causes for fuel pump failures is contaminated fuel. Visible and invisible contaminants can damage the new fuel pump. One of the single most important things to do when replacing a fuel pump is cleaning and flushing the inside of the fuel tank.

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Since 2004, several domestic car manufacturers have switched to pulse width modulated fuel delivery systems. Due to the relative newness of these systems, there is a common lack of knowledge surrounding their actual function and how to perform proper diagnoses of any issues.


Airtex & ASC Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel pumps and water pumps, has expanded their VIN Scan Application coverage to include Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads. Available to download for free in the Android Market on Google and in the Apple App Store, the Airtex VIN scan app uses the smartphone’s camera to scan the vehicle identification number saving the user the time and trouble of punching in the multiple numbers.


Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems has introduced a new online tool to simplify the search for specific vehicle fuel pumps. With Airtex covering more than 212,000,000 vehicles in operation today, the correct fuel pump can be hard to pinpoint.

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ASE is an organization that certifies automotive technicians knowledge so that you can be confident that a knowledgeable repair shop and technician are repairing your vehicle.

ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) status requires two years of documented work experience and passing tests in a specific series. There are tests in many different categories and the tests do not have to be taken all at one time. Technicians must recertify every five years. ASE does not put a time limit on recertifying if your certification has expired.