Tech Tips

4 Tips You Should Know Regarding Fuel Systems

Always inspect your fuel pump relay when replacing the fuel pump. A worn or damaged relay can cause low voltage. Read More

3 Fuel Pump Tech Tips

Fuel Pump Module Install or Replacement? Make sure when removing or installing a fuel pump module to take extra precautions to not bend the sender arm. A bent sender arm can lead to an inaccurate or non-functioning fuel gauge. Read More

Driveability Problems: Bad Car or Bad Gas?

Having vehicle problems? If your vehicle is misfiring, sputtering or stalling repeatedly, then before you spend hours trying to find something broken, try different fuel. Read More

Release the Pressure in the Fuel Lines

Before you change an injector or a fuel filter, release the pressure in the fuel lines. Remove the negative battery terminal, then place a shop towel under and around the Shrader valve. Read More

Diagnosing a Mild Ignition Misfiring Problem

If you have occasional misfiring, it could be the fault of dirty spark plugs, a faulty plug wire or a weak ignition coil. But if the misfiring isn't bad enough to trigger a code, what can you do? Read More

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