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The Best Tests For Fuel Delivery Systems

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that there is nothing permanent except change. Greek history aside, it’s easy to spot change in our current market because vehicle fuel delivery technology has evolved to include conventional, pulse-modulated and direct fuel injection fuel delivery systems, with each having a specific set of components and testing issues. In this article, I’ll explain how the basics of testing fuel delivery problems has changed and how some of the most common mistakes in diagnosing fuel delivery systems can be avoided.

Five Things Everyone In The Automotive Industry Should Know About Fuel Injectors

To the layperson fuel injectors are far from sexy, or likely even interesting for that matter. To those in the automotive industry, however, fuel injectors are as glamorous as a car part gets. With that said, not everyone is a genius and automatically knows everything there is to know about the fuel injector. For such reason, here are five things everyone in the auto industry should know about fuel injectors.

Technician Future Education and Success Tips -- What You Should Learn That No One Else Understands

Fuel systems and electrical have become some of the most complex components of vehicles. With the advent of electronic fuel injection (EFI), fuel delivery systems became exponentially more difficult to understand than their earlier counterparts: engines with carburetors. If you understand and can repair EFI, you have the ability to fix the most complex mechanical component of a vehicle's motor. That skill will make you invaluable in a garage.

How to be Successful as an Automotive Technician

High technology has transformed the automotive industry in the past two decades. The term “auto mechanic” is no longer appropriate — now the proper term is “Automotive Technician.”

Today’s technician is a well-educated individual who is well versed in electronics, computers and control systems, able to read schematics and operate a variety of advanced diagnostic equipment and tools.

Checking Fuel Pressure Regulator

How do I know if the fuel pressure regulator is stuck open or leaking or if it is stuck closed? Engine with hard-start condition could be the result of a faulty fuel pressure regulator and not the fuel pump itself. Check for these signs while performing fuel pressure tests.

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