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All About The Fuel Pressure Regulator: Does It Need To Be Replaced?

Despite the thought by some novice mechanics that it is overly complicated, the fuel delivery system is actually relatively simple. You pump the gas into the car, and then it is stored in the fuel tank before it makes its way to the engine.

Fuel Pump Failure - Knowing the Nightmare, But Not the Cause

While sometimes the vehicle won't start at all when you have problems with the fuel system, other times the motor still runs and you can drive the vehicle.

Another Big Win for Airtex Web Catalog at Major Conference

Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel pumps, recently received the National Catalog Managers Association (NCMA) President’s Award for Catalog Excellence in the web category.

Troubleshooting Fuel Pumps -- Voltage Drop Test

Misdiagnosis is the leading cause of fuel pump problems and returns. Often, a voltage drop test is the only effective way to find excessive resistance in high amperage circuits. It’s a quick and easy test that will give you immediate results on whether you have a good connection or a bad one.

Which Fuel Should I Use for My Car?

Many people think that using a higher grade fuel is better, but you should be using the grade recommended by the manufacturer. The short version of the truth is that the higher the octane, the less combustible the fuel is and the slower it burns.

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