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Everything You Need to Know about Fuel Delivery Systems in 500 Words or Less

As is the case with many other facets of automobile engineering, the modern version of the fuel delivery system is much different than in previous decades. It is particularly important to be aware of this, especially when looking to diagnose a problem. Whether your car is a '57 Chevy or a 2010 Toyota, it is imperative that you get to know the working parts in the fuel delivery system. Here we will focus on more modern versions of the fuel delivery system and the parts that make them function.

DIAGNOSTICS: How Pulse Width Modulated Fuel Delivery Systems Work

Since 2004, several domestic car manufacturers have switched to pulse width modulated fuel delivery systems. Due to the relative newness of these systems, there is a common lack of knowledge surrounding their actual function and how to perform proper diagnoses of any issues.

How to Pinpoint a Bad Fuel Injector

Fuel injection is a much more efficient method of introducing fuel into the cylinders of an engine versus carburetors. Carburetors, being centrally located on the intake manifold, supply more fuel to the closest cylinders than to those farthest away.

Electric Fuel Pump Testing

Most vehicles with fuel injection utilize an electric fuel pump located in the fuel tank to supply sufficient volume and pressure to the injectors. Fuel is under pressure as it enters the fuel injector. The injector is a solenoid activated by the powertrain control module (PCM).

Fuel Efficiency Facts

Your customers are not strangers to thinking about their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. With Memorial Day travel, gas prices surged upward, and many Americans found themselves putting off trips to Grandma’s for closer-to-home events. Obviously, different makes and models of vehicles get different mileage. Some consumers may think their fuel pump may play a role in fuel mileage, such as the one shown in this video, when the problem is usually related to an outside influence. Consumers often only hear about how vehicles get better gas mileage today than vehicles of the past but may not feel that their vehicle is getting the miles per gallon advertised when they purchased their vehicle as mentioned in this article about a recent survey from AAA.

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