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How to be Successful as an Automotive Technician

High technology has transformed the automotive industry in the past two decades. The term “auto mechanic” is no longer appropriate — now the proper term is “Automotive Technician.”

Today’s technician is a well-educated individual who is well versed in electronics, computers and control systems, able to read schematics and operate a variety of advanced diagnostic equipment and tools.

Checking Fuel Pressure Regulator

How do I know if the fuel pressure regulator is stuck open or leaking or if it is stuck closed? Engine with hard-start condition could be the result of a faulty fuel pressure regulator and not the fuel pump itself. Check for these signs while performing fuel pressure tests.

Tips for Replacing Fuel Injectors

The most common causes of fuel injector failure are blockages of the pintle due to heat soak, internal shorts, and water from fuel contamination.

How Voltage Affects Fuel Pump Flow and Pressure

A common misconception is that the fuel pump is like an "On/Off" switch. If you can hear it running there must be power and all is fine. However, that is not the case. Voltage at the fuel pump has a direct effect on fuel flow and pressure. Even a two-volt drop can have a drastic effect on your vehicle's fuel system flow and pressure, causing drivability issues.

Replacing Clogged Fuel Filter

If the engine is experiencing a hard start or no-start condition, it is recommended you check if you have a clogged fuel filter before replacing the fuel pump. Symptoms of a clogged filter include the engine stalling or sputtering, idling issues, accelerating problems, exhaust fumes odor, carburetor or injector issues – all similar to a fuel pump failure but not!

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